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Test Stress Relief Tips for Students

  These days, a lot of kids feel pressured to perform academically. Getting into a good college generally requires superior high school grades, and that means passing tests. Even junior high schoolers and kids in lower grades can feel stressed about school, especially right before an important test. In the interest of calming pre-test jitters […]


Top 5 Test Prep Sites

Your college-bound teen MUST do some sort of test prep. It will improve their scores and give them confidence when they take the test. Preparation and familiarization with the test and its formulas will give them an edge over the students who choose not to prepare. Here are my recommendations for test prep sites: 1. […]


Creating an SAT Study Plan

  When it comes to studying for the SAT, most students don’t know where to begin.  The easy way out is to head over to the local branch of one of the big prep companies.  But, that route can be inefficient time-wise, not to mention extremely expensive.  The good news is that you can create […]


Outsmarting the SAT

Today’s guest post is by Elizabeth King, author of “Outsmarting the SAT”. She has successfully led students to score gains of well over 100 points on every section of the SAT. She takes the test every year herself and knocks it out of the ballpark. The test prep companies would like you to believe that […]


More valuable tips and advice

For my loyal readers, I thought I would post the links to some posts I have done on other websites and blogs. All offer valuable information for parents of college bound teens. Preparing Your Student for the Future If your child is just starting high school, you’re probably not thinking about college yet…but should you […]


The Test Prep Controversy

In today’s Education column of the New York Times, the President of the College Board addresses the question of the value of SAT Prep courses.  This has been a long standing debate and the theories vary depending on who addresses the question. According to Mr. Caperton: Success on the SAT, and more importantly success in […]