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College Prep Stress: Into the Pressure Cooker

  I have a few friends whose sons are applying to college. The stress and the pressure students face regarding college is palpable. The question bears asking: How do you help your student navigate the process without adding your own college prep stress and pressure? Trust me; it’s not easy. Parents have their own kind […]


Wednesday’s Parent: Stress, Stress and More Stress

  There is nothing more stressful than college prep while dealing with teenage drama. Following are the “best of” tips from Wednesday’s Parent on stress. Surviving Standardized Tests Nothing speaks more stress than standardized tests. Those two words or their acronyms are yelled, and screeched and treated with disdain in every college-bound household. Those two […]


Wednesday’s Parent: College prep and holiday stress

  Sign up for my FREE parent tips email and get my FREE Ebook on college financing! Or subscribe to my blog on the left and get email updates. Wednesday’s child may be full of woe but Wednesday’s Parent can substitute action for anxiety. Each Wednesday Wendy and I will provide parent tips to get and keep your student on the college track. It’s never […]


5 Ways for college-bound students to relieve stress

Feeling stressed in those hectic teen years is the most natural thing in the world, but that doesn’t make it any less disheartening. College-bound students are preparing to make many significant life changes, and that can make this a frightening time of life. There are many ways to deal with this kind of stress, some […]