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6 Tips for Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay

Essays are the mainstay of scholarship applications, and being able to write essays that stand out and woo the reader are key to winning scholarships. Scholarship essays aren’t the typical English class essay, though. You don’t get a grade based on your work, there are no good efforts in scholarship writing; you either get the […]


Online Resources to Craft a Great Scholarship Essay

    Writing an essay is always a challenge. You need to come up with a great idea, organize your thoughts into a concise, easy to follow structure, find supporting resources, and find the right words to make it all make sense. When you are writing an essay for a scholarship, it can be even […]


Scholarship Friday: The Scholarship Essay

  Parents love scholarships. They love the idea of a scholarship. They love it when their kids apply for scholarships. Who wouldn’t? Scholarships are free money. But scholarships require just as much effort as the college application, if not more. You have to create a resume, gather information and often write a scholarship essay. It […]