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Why Your Student Should Take Advantage of Free SAT Prep

  This post is sponsored and written in partnership with the College Board. Before your student ever enters college, there are college-related expenses. Test registration fees, college application fees, AP test fees, college visit expenses and more. For the average middle-class family, budgeting for these expenses can be difficult. Add to these the cost of paying […]


SAT Prep to your Smartphone

    Say what? Yep. SAT prep to your smartphone via text message. What could possibly be easier. And here’s even better news–it’s affordable. Just $9 a month for the bronze plan and $19 a month for the silver plan. Why not reach kids where they are–on their smartphones? What is is a learning management […]


Frequently asked questions about the SAT–answered

Veritas Prep’s Shaan Patel Answers Five of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About How to Smartly Prepare For the SAT Do you have questions about the SAT? You’re not alone. For many students and families, the SAT is daunting. To help answer many of the most common questions about the SAT test, Shaan Patel, a […]


SAT Prep Crunch Time: Veritas Prep Outlines 5 Things Students Can Do Now to Boost Their SAT Score

    Veritas Prep ( recently released a list of five things students can do now to boost their chances at a higher score. The SAT is offered seven times annually in the United States – six times internationally. The tips outlined benefit students who may not feel adequately prepared and are doing what they […]


My Top 10 Summer Activities

  I’ve had several parents ask me recently about activities I recommend over the summer during high school. Summers are a great time to take advantage of the days and make a future impression on your high school resume. Here is my list of the Top 10 summer activities: SAT/ACT Prep–summer is the best time […]


Creating an SAT Study Plan

  When it comes to studying for the SAT, most students don’t know where to begin.  The easy way out is to head over to the local branch of one of the big prep companies.  But, that route can be inefficient time-wise, not to mention extremely expensive.  The good news is that you can create […]