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Is Your Student Interested in Pursuing a Skilled Trade?

  Is your student looking for a hands-on career that pays well but isn’t on your traditional college major radar? With an estimated 31 million skilled trade vacancies by 2020 and a potential oversaturation of IT employees, the following jobs are smart choice for young adults. HVAC technician. HVAC techs don’t just provide tune-ups to […]


Wednesday’s Parent: Consider a Career Focused College

  With all the news about students graduating without job prospects, parents and students are researching alternatives to traditional higher education. One alternative is a career college. What would that look like? It would be a college that focuses on the career along with the degree–a career focused college. One such college is Pennsylvania College […]


Degrees That Work: Why Choose Pennsylvania College of Technology?

  Tomorrow night Pennsylvania College of Technology will be the guest on #CampusChat (9PM ET). I’m excited to hear from them about why you should choose Penn College and share their unique philosophy of higher education. After much exposure to the college itself, its course materials, and speaking with its faculty and administration, I have […]


Degrees That Work: Penn College Has a Vision for Tomorrow’s Students

  This is the fourth article in a series about Pennsylvania Technical College: Degrees That Work.  Penn College is not only committed to its current students, but it has a vision for tomorrow’s students. While I was visiting the college, I had a conversation with a middle school teacher who had brought some her students […]


Degrees That Work: A Working World Within a College

  This week I continue my series on Degrees That Work—a look at Pennsylvania College of Technology. Take a visual walk with me across the campus and you will see there are labs; and then there are labs. Anyone who has ever been to high school or college has done lab work related to a […]


Degrees That Work: One College’s Best Kept Secret

  Imagine knowing when your student graduates from college he will have a skill, a high quality liberal arts education, and a job. Imagine a technical education with a liberal arts degree. Imagine your student doing a job he actually enjoys and is related to his major after graduation. Until recently, these claims did not […]