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Exploring the Options After Graduation

  As exciting as college is for high school graduates, it’s terrifying for parents – especially when your child is the one who wants to dash across the country to another school. For some, college is a chance to spread their wings as far and as wide as they can go. The chance to live […]


Getting Ready for College? Here’s a Checklist to Close Out Senior Year

  The team at Diploma Frames have kindly shared their insights into how best to prepare for College, enjoy! If you’re close to finishing your senior year, all sorts of questions will be running through your mind right now. One might be: ‘have I really made the most of my last year?’, while another could […]


Mom-Approved Tips: Graduation Anxiety

  May means graduation. You may be thinking about gifts for graduates. But there is so much more to think about. Your student will be graduating—but you are too. You’re graduating from years of college prep. For most parents it starts early—thinking and planning for their college education. When they are born, you think you […]


How to make high school graduation special

  If you have a high school senior, the offers of admission have finally started rolling in. March is almost over, April is just around the corner and before you know it you will be watching your college-bound teen walk across the stage at their high school graduation ceremony. Next step college–but first it’s time […]


Graduation Parties (on a budget)

In the spirit of “graduation season”, our guest post this week by Nicole Frie for The Real College Guide, gives some great ideas on how to plan a graduation party on a budget (high school included!) Think you need a ton of money to host a decent graduation party? Not necessarily. Here, we give you […]


Do all college students follow the 4-year plan?

A recent article in the Boston Globe brought this subject to mind.The author of the article brought to light that the path to college is not always completed in 4 years. Many students end up dropping out, transferring, postponing and even re-evaluating their career paths. The statistics are a bit staggering, but I’d have to […]