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Hiding Between the Lines in the Award Letter

It’s financial aid award season. Students and parents have either received or will soon receive the award from the colleges that offered admission. How will this aid factor in to your student’s final decision? But lurking between the lines in these award letters are some practices colleges use when offering admission and financial aid. Colleges […]


Is the College Gapping Your Student?

In London, you see signs and tourist shirts everywhere that say “Mind the Gap”. If you ride their underground transportation system, you will hear them announce “mind the gap” at each station. It’s a warning for passengers to be aware of the distance between the train and the train platform. In admissions, college gapping is a […]


Avoid the Financial Aid Gap

  Is your child’s financial aid offer enough to meet their financial needs? If not, they may be a victim of “gapping” or “admit/deny”, when a school accepts a student, but does not give a student enough aid to realistically attend. Is Your Financial Aid Offer Meeting Your Full Need? Your child has finally received […]