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Not Going to College? Now What?

  This post was originally written for and was posted as “Taking the non-traditional route after high school graduation”. Most high school seniors are geared up for graduation next month and that comes with a good case of senioritis. The typical path for a large percentage of graduates sends them off to college in the […]


Working While Taking a Gap Year

  For many students, a gap year is nothing but a time for adventure and self-discovery. Gap years often seem frivolous to others, but they provide students with some relaxation and the opportunity to pursue some dreams before going to university, or between graduation and starting their career. Gap years are more than just a […]


Mom-Approved Tips: Don’t Fear the Gap Year

  “I want to take a year before I go to college” are some of the most feared words by parents. What do we fear? We fear they won’t want to go back to school after being off for a year. We fear they will lie around the house, watch TV and play video games. […]