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It’s a Match: Fall in Love with Your 2nd Choice College

  This article was originally published on Smart College Visit as part of my Parent College Coach tips. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to repost it.   A song by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, “Love the One You’re With”, brings me back to my teen years. Yes. It dates me. But it reminds […]


Making the College Admissions Decision

  This article was originally posted by the Princeton Review and I have permission to share with my readers–great content and information for every parent and student considering the college admissions decision. The college decision letters and emails are rolling in. Celebrate your acceptances, stay positive, and strategize with your college counselor about what you’ll do […]


Tips for Making the Final College Choice

  The college your student chooses will be his home away from home for the next four years and his extended family. His choice should take into consideration those two facts and many others. How will he (and you) make the final college choice? What do you do if your student has multiple offers of admission? Beyond comparing financial […]


Making the Final College Decision

  May is quickly approaching. In just 20 short days your student will be required to choose which college they will be attending. For many, the choice is easy–they received an offer of admission from their first choice college. Or is it? Are there things you should consider? And what if your student didn’t receive […]


Narrowing down the final college choice

May 1st is quickly approaching and high school seniors are faced with the looming decision–which college will I attend? Following is a guest post from freelance writer Mariana Ashley about using specific factors to make that final decision. ___________________________________________________ Hopefully all of your hard work paid off and you were fortunate enough to be accepted […]