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It’s a Match: Fall in Love with Your 2nd Choice College

  This article was originally published on Smart College Visit as part of my Parent College Coach tips. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to repost it.   A song by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, “Love the One You’re With”, brings me back to my teen years. Yes. It dates me. But it reminds […]


Get Ready for College: It’s Going to be a Bumpy Ride!

  Your child going away to college is likely to bring a mixture of emotions. You might be proud, upset and overwhelmed all at one time. So, you need to make sure you prepare and plan to help them (and yourself) through it. Here are some tips that might help you get ready for college: […]


10 Books for Parents of Soon-to-Be College Students

  It’s graduation gift time. High school students are graduating with aspirations of college in the fall. Graduation gift guides are dominating the online world. But why not treat yourself to a few gifts that will help you with the transition from high school to college? These books for parents should provide great summer reading […]


How to Excel in College

  It takes years of hard work to get into college and on the path to your dream career. If you’ve made it to college, congratulations are in order – you’ve passed high school and got onto the course you need to be on. Of course, once you’re in college there’s a lot of pressure […]


Should Every Child Go to College?

  I published this article about five years ago, but I feel it’s content is still true today. Too many parents push students to go to college when they are not prepared either academically, emotionally or financially. So many students go and fail because college is simply not for them. _____________________ I read an article a […]


3 Tips to Help Your Child Prepare and Get Accepted to a Great College

  Most parents are thinking about their child’s collegiate future from the moment they enter high school, if not before. Some students are proactive about choosing a dream college and back-up options, while others need extra guidance from their parents to make those decisions. And regardless of whether your child is applying to one school […]


Mom-Approved Tips: Does It Matter WHERE You Go to College?

  Much is debated about college names and prestige, especially among parents. It’s logical that parents want their kids to have the best opportunities available. It’s illogical that they place more value in the name than in the education itself. But so many parents encourage their kids to make illogical college choices. Where you go […]


College isn’t cheap (an infographic)

  There’s no denying that college is outrageously expensive. And, unfortunately, it is only getting worse; while the average family income in the United States grew 147% in the years between 1982 and 2007, the cost of college grew by a staggering 440% in that same period. What that means in terms of real numbers […]


Mom-Approved Tips: The Truth about College

  Sign up for my FREE parent tips email and get my FREE Ebook on college financing! During our student’s senior year of high school we live in a bubble. All sights are set on one goal—getting into college. Students and parents focus on college selection, college applications, financial aid forms, and then we wait. We wait for the […]


College Then and Now: What has changed?

  While Americans have been going to college for over three hundred and fifty years of our history, only within the past three decades has the landscape of higher education changed drastically.  Students today now have less of a chance of becoming hired for a job after graduation, yet more and more of them are […]

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