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Looking Past the College Names and the Rankings

  When I talk to parents and listen to their stories about college prep, it’s hard not to be concerned. I’m concerned because it seems that college choice has become a competition–a competition among parents and a competition among students. It’s all about the prestige, the name, and the rankings and very little about the […]


Wednesday’s Parent: 5 Reasons You Should Not Rely on College Ranking Lists

  Every year the college ranking lists roll out: U.S. News-America’s Best Colleges, Forbes list of America’s Top Colleges, Princeton Review’s The Best 379 Colleges and more. Parents often use these lists to create a list of dream colleges for their student. These lists may be jumping off points, but putting too much emphasis on […]


Infographic: How College Rankings Work

  College rankings are important to millions of incoming students a year, yet few actually know how the rankings are compiled. To give viewers a more clear look at what’s involved with compiling college rankings at the top rankings organizations, the editors at College Choice have created this graphic to explain methodologies.   Source:


College Rankings

  U.S. News released their college rankings yesterday. There is always a great deal of emphasis placed on these rankings. Colleges boast about their possession in the pecking order and use it for marketing to students. But are these rankings accurate? What do they mean? What don’t they mean? Personally, I don’t put much weight […]


Custom College Rankings

  For seniors, the college search is almost over. On May 1st, they will make their final college choice and look toward graduation and the fall when they become a college student. For sophomores and juniors, the search has just begun. We’ve been learning about choosing a college over the last several weeks, with posts […]


America’s Best Colleges? Ask China what they think.

With all the talk this week about the latest U.S. News and World Reports rankings of America’s Best Colleges, I thought it might be nice to put it all into perspective. I’m afraid, as usual, we have gotten a little too big for our britches in this country and our higher education system is suffering. […]