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4 Questions to Ask Your Child Before They Decide to Study Medicine

  There is many a student out there with grand ideas of entering the medical profession, with all the prestige, salary, and pride that goes along with doing a job connected with helping others. However, while you’ll understandably be excited that your child is showing an interest to study medicine and join such a worthwhile […]


Get the Most of College by Sampling College Courses

  Going to a college is one the biggest decisions anyone can make in their lives, especially as a young person. College can open so many doors into careers that we couldn’t get otherwise, even if it takes time. If your teen is having trouble finding their way into the major program, but absolutely don’t […]


Is Your Student Interested in a Career in Communicative Disorders?

  Communication is an important part of a person’s daily life. While there are many ways people communicate with each other, verbal communication is the most prevalent means of conveying needs and wants. For people with communicative disorders such as speech problems and hearing loss, giving and receiving basic information can be a challenge. These […]


Degrees That Work: Planning for a Career, Not Just a Job

  Wouldn’t it be great to graduate from college with a career and not just a job? Students all over the country dream of graduating from college with a job. Penn College students graduate with a career. During my time on campus I spoke with students from all career concentrations and the overwhelming response was, […]


Stay Employed With These College Majors

  Look to the future and what do you see? Flying cars? Steampunk kids riding hoverboards? Downtrodden dystopias with Harrison Ford-alikes running around in long brown overcoats? Well, while these visions of the future might never happen, one thing is certain – some jobs will be obsolete, so you have to make your education count. […]


Payscale’s 2015 College Salary Report

  With college costs rising, along with student debt, it’s more important than ever for parents and students to look carefully at college ROI (return on investment) when creating the college list. Payscale recognizes the importance of choosing a college major that will be a good return on investment and has released their 2015 College […]


The College Major Debate: 4 Points to Steer Teens in the Right Direction

  Parents raise children, and often help pay for college educations, so they feel they have a right in lending their advice regarding selecting a major. However, it’s the child’s future at stake, so they should have a say regarding their interests and passions.  Yet, the wise know that not every diploma earns a good […]


The Growing Field of Gerontology

  Sign up for my FREE parent tips email and get my FREE Ebook on college financing! Or subscribe to my blog on the left and get email updates. Gerontology is proving to be one of the fastest growing–if not the fastest growing–fields of study in the United States. Look at what this exciting new field is and why making gerontology […]

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Why math and science degrees are vital

  Education, in general, is vital for the growth of any country, but as far as the US is concerned, there are two subjects in particular that require more attention namely math and science. Emphasis on these two subjects should not just be at the elementary and high school level the country needs more individuals […]

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4 Reasons to consider a Human Resources degree

  When it comes to choosing a program or degree, it’s difficult to prioritize. The best degree is both a job trajectory that your student wants to pursue as well as a degree that employers value when hiring.   However, that combination is sometimes elusive. One program that has seen a great deal of popularity in the last […]

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