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Preparing Your Child for College Life

  Up until this point, your child has always lived with you. Over the past couple of decades, you have become used to seeing them almost every single day: cooking for them, picking them up and dropping them off to the places they need to be, helping them resolve problems and offering a shoulder to […]


Helping Students to Actively Participate at College

  The college experience is – mostly – about learning. But when you look at the graduates that excel in their careers, they have something else in common other than good grades. The vast majority were active participants at their colleges. They got involved in many areas, made connections, and it gave them a more […]


Helping your college student furnish their dorm room

Offers of admission are arriving and your college-bound teen is most likely already looking toward the future. Planning for dorm life now will prevent panic at the end of the summer. College is such a fascinating time. If a student makes the decision to live on campus, for approximately four years of their life, they […]


Top 10 Things every parent should know about “hooking up” in college

  A recent article on addressed the issue of hooking up and not hooking up on college campuses. While it’s not a subject that parents like to discuss, it is a reality. I know when my naïve 18 year old daughter headed off to college, it was one of my biggest fears. Knowing what […]