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College Applications Approaching. Be Prepared.

  Throughout their entire school career, your students can often be working towards that one thing – college! So, when it comes the time to start thinking about applying, it can come with a lot of mixed emotions. Not only are they going to be happy that the time has finally come, but they’re also […]


Mother’s New Little (College Application) Helper

  Today’s guest post is from Lisa Sloan of Portland, Oregon who is currently going through the admissions process with her son. I am a master juggler. I don’t flip fire torches or bean bags, but as a parent, I am constantly keeping all of the balls in the air––meals, carpool, school project supplies, orthodontist […]


7 Positive Things That Can Look Bad on a College Application

  Today’s guest post is from Ryan Hickey, Managing Editor of Petersons & EssayEdge. _______________________ In my experience helping students with literally thousands of college application essays, it has become second nature for me to immediately recognize what works and what falls flat. However, I can see why it’s not easy for the layperson to understand […]


Wednesday’s Parent: 5 Tips to help with application stress

  Sign up for my FREE parent tips email and get my FREE Ebook on college financing! Or subscribe to my blog on the left and get email updates. Wednesday’s child may be full of woe but Wednesday’s Parent can substitute action for anxiety. Each Wednesday Wendy and I will provide parent tips to get and keep your student on the college track. It’s never […]

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How to Prepare a Standout College Application–Book Review and Giveaway

  Recently I received a book to review about how to create an application that stands out from the others. The book, How to Prepare a Standout College Application: Expert Advice That Takes You From LMO (like many others) to Admit, is written by Allison Cooper Chisolm and Anna Ivey, both former admissions officers at […]


Staying Organized: Taming the Monster

Organization. It’s the word that evokes terror in every parent when our college-bound teen begins the college application process. As a parent college coach, it’s our job to help our teens stay organized and on top of all the paperwork that goes along with the college application process. According to Paul Hemphill, a college admissions […]


Ready. Set. Go.

The 2008-2009 school year is coming to an end. Seniors will be graduating and moving on to college, technical school or trade school. Juniors will officially be seniors with a busy year ahead of them before walking across that stage next May or June. Senior year is NOT the time to coast, relax and develop […]