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The Pros and Cons of a Digital Career

  With the Millennials and Generation Z becoming more and more tech-savvy, there’s no doubt that a digital career is something most young people could consider. After all, in a world where people buy, talk, and organize their appointments through the simple principle of clicking their way through the web from their smartphone, now is […]


How Technology Hurts (and Helps) Our Students

If you’re a parent, you might be behind the curve when it comes to using technology. My three year old grandson knows more about apps than I do. My six year old grandson is constantly saying things like, “Let’s google it”, or when I get lost, he asks, “Why didn’t you use Waze?”. There’s no […]


Tips for Buying a Laptop for Your Student

  Access to computing power is an essential for any scholar heading to college. When those Black Friday sales begin to show up, then, you may be inspired to act quickly, and pick up a deal. It might work out well. There’s plenty of room for mistakes, however. It’s important to do your homework before you […]


Tech Advances That Benefit Students

  Slowly high school is trickling to an end. Many parents and students are already waist deep in the college application process. Unfortunately, simply receiving that much anticipated college acceptance letter does not inevitably lead to a joyous (and expensive) graduation ceremony. Getting into college, in some ways, is the easiest step. According to US […]


Protect Your Tech at College

  Young people love their tech, and love sharing content — movies, music, pictures, software and games, not to mention information for classwork and projects. They also go all over the Internet to make purchases, sign up to websites and access information, often putting important personal and financial data online. The fact that most colleges […]


2 Fantastic Online Resources for Teenage Girls Entering High School

  Entering a new school is hard enough, but add on the difficulties that come with being a teenage girl and starting high school begins to feel truly daunting. While family, friends, and school counselors can offer much needed support, there are also some great online tools that can help young girls cope with the […]


Best Laptops, Gadgets and Software for College Students

  It’s the classic parent dilemma – your son or daughter has just been accepted to college and needs some technology to take with them. It can be an exciting time full of adventure, however you feel it’s also important for them to manage their workload and maintain their studies. Thankfully technology can now make […]

Read More... and the App

  Since this is App Tuesday and I’ve been focusing on apps that help students with college prep, I came across a website and an accompanying app that make learning vocabulary not only productive, but fun. uses the following methodology 1. Answer a few questions They created more than 120,000 questions designed to help […]


Carbonite Giveaway

  It’s back-to-school time and a perfect time to take care of the files on your student’s laptop or desktop computer. You know the drill: something happens and they forgot to backup their files. They lose that important research they have done for a term paper or the notes they took in Chemistry class. Or […]


Tips to make a smartphone battery last longer

  The entrance of smartphones in our lives brought a lot of changes in the way we do things. This is due to the fact that this small communication device can assist us to undertake a lot of activities much easier and faster than before. However, each of these activities makes your battery deplete. This […]

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