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Beyond Brilliance: The Secrets To Better Learning

  I am so excited to introduce Beyond Brilliance, a new book by four UC Berkeley students about how we learn and how we can do it better. You can get the ebook free or purchase a hard copy and receive a full refund if you read it and write an honest review proving you read the […]


7 Ways to Boost Your Grades by Studying Online

  The concept of learning has changed; students are often using an online learning platform to improve their grades. The online platform is now a tool for students to further their education. Everyone can get free information about any course from the online school system. For efficient studies, students should make a habit of studying […]


Flashcards: An Effective Study Tool

  Students are always looking for more effective ways to study and parents want to help when possible. Two students, Michael Bollinger and Max Holnaicher “are using technology to take an age-old learning method – flashcards — and bring it into the 21st century,” says Microsoft’s With SAT and ACT tests approaching, flashcards […]