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Wednesday’s Parent: Deadlines and College Prep

  The college admission process is all about deadlines. On May 1, students must respond to the colleges they applied to and were offered admission. This date is set in stone. If you don’t respond, your offer of admission will be passed along to a student on the wait list. If you don’t stay organized, […]


Getting Organized: A Key Element of College Prep

  There are times we all wish we were more organized. We are not born organized; quite to the contrary, organization is a learn skilled. It is imperative we help instill the life skill of organization into our children at an early age so that they may better their chances at a successful future as […]


Mom-Approved Tips: 7 Most Common Organizational Mistakes During the College Application Process

  Gaining admission to your college of choice is going to take some time and effort. However, with so much else happening in your life, making sure that you stay on top of the college application process can be a challenge. Avoid these seven common pitfalls so that you can beat the last minute rush. […]


5 Free Apps for College-Prep Organization

  College-bound students have so many tasks to complete and remember during the college-prep process. Luckily, there are apps for college-prep organization. This is great news because teens live and die with their smartphones. Having these tools at their disposal should help. Here are five apps that will help your college-bound teen stay organized during […]


How to help your high school student learn organization

  The steps that your high school student took from middle school to high school were big steps.  For them finding a way to get to school, handle the increased work load, and having to start thinking about colleges were often overwhelming.  If they have a job or are involved with extracurricular activities it magnifies […]


Mom-Approved Tips: Staying organized in 2014

  The New Year is upon us and high school students are gearing up for all types of college-related activities. Juniors and seniors especially are looking toward the upcoming year with anticipation and excitement. There are many tasks to complete and many decisions to be made, but the key to gliding through the process is […]


The organizational skills your student will need in college

  Raising a child is a job full of never ending challenges, and requirements. Beyond discipline and love, a parent needs to offer their children opportunities to prepare for college. The child that is reared with the future in mind is better able to function as an organized adult. Preparing a child to obtain a […]


Organization starts with a clean room

  Sign up for my FREE parent tips email and get my FREE Ebook on college financing! Studies show that a clean room can help improve grades. The psychology theories behind this fall under the basic idea that a clutter free environment leads to a clear mind. A clearer mind will aide in retention and concentration while reducing distractions. […]


Organize, Prioritize and Maximize your College Prep

  Sign up for my FREE parent tips email and get my FREE Ebook on college financing! School is back in session. College prep is (or should be) in full swing. If you and your student haven’t started thinking about college prep yet, you’re lagging behind. With so many tasks to do and just a few years to complete […]


Tech resources for the college-bound

  Tonight’s #CollegeCash Chat was centered around available tech resources for the college-bound and their parents. Following is a short transcript of the questions and answers with all the links I provided. As a parent myself and a parent advocate I understand the frustration with the college admissions process. It’s my hope that you will […]

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