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4 Alternatives to College

  Most parents want their children to get a good education and grow into mature adults. They save from an early age to ensure they can afford to send them to college. However, that path isn’t right for everyone, and some children would do better if they selected an alternative. The issue is that most […]


Avoiding Traditional College Doesn’t Have to Halt Your Teen’s Education

  If your teen thinks that going straight to college from high school is not for them then they’ve probably been questioned ‘now what?’ countless times. They’ve probably been inundated with people voicing their opinions and telling them where they should and should not go from here. They’ve probably had everyone, from you to their […]


Is Distance Learning Right for You?

  When it comes to studying, the most typical method we take is to go to a college, university or similar school and just learn. We speak to our lecturer, teacher, or advisors and we learn from them. We buy books, study them, write up documents and complete tests to prove that we’ve learned something. […]


7 Ways to Boost Your Grades by Studying Online

  The concept of learning has changed; students are often using an online learning platform to improve their grades. The online platform is now a tool for students to further their education. Everyone can get free information about any course from the online school system. For efficient studies, students should make a habit of studying […]


How to Develop Online Learning Skills

  Many students are utilizing the flexibility and convenience of online learning platforms to attain their learning needs. Online degree courses, programs and virtual colleges have decided to target students by opening online courses. Do my essays platforms are also assisting students to tackle various questions by offering essential hints of handling diverse topics. As […]


2 Fantastic Online Resources for Teenage Girls Entering High School

  Entering a new school is hard enough, but add on the difficulties that come with being a teenage girl and starting high school begins to feel truly daunting. While family, friends, and school counselors can offer much needed support, there are also some great online tools that can help young girls cope with the […]


Wednesday’s Parent: Should Your Student Consider Online Learning?

  Only a few years ago, online education was the realm of the non-traditional student. Whether you were a high school dropout, a dad working three jobs, or a retiree who simply wanted to take some classes, chances were that you were not a typical college student if you were signed up for courses online. In the […]


Getting a Degree Using Distance Learning

  Here’s the simple truth for you and your child – moving away to attend a university is an expensive prospect, and, in the current economic climate, makes it increasingly difficult to pay room and board. A college education is expensive– for everything from accommodation, course textbooks, tuition fees, and food – and many parents […]


Mom-Approved Tips: A mother speaks out about online learning

  As an educator, I’ve always been a bit wary of online educational programs. Can anything truly replace the interactive learning experience that students get in a traditional classroom, sharing ideas with each other and with their teacher? Then my son announced that he had enrolled in an online degree program to get his Masters […]


Has your student considered an online degree?

  Sign up for my FREE parent tips email and get my FREE Ebook on college financing! When you think about college for your student, you think about brick and mortar institutions. However, there are many non-traditional routes to obtaining a degree as well.  Online education offers flexibility and freedom to work while attending college. For some families, this […]

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