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Keep Your College Valuables Safe With This Genius Parent Invention

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this great invention from the parent of a college student. Sometimes necessity becomes the mother of invention. And that’s just what happened with this student and her father. If you are sending your child to college this fall or in the near future, this investment […]


Understanding a student housing lease

  While every property renter should be aware of the possibility of scams when it comes time to sign the lease, college students should be particularly careful when signing a student housing lease. It is often the case that students are new to living on their own: searching for a decent, well-priced apartment is hard […]


Off to college? Tips for getting along with roommates

  We’ve all seen movies about the college experience, ripe with parties, drinking and new experiences. The reality of it is, living with roommates isn’t always one big love-fest. How you get along with your roommates impacts your entire college experience, so follow these tips designed to help you coexist peacefully. Create a System When more […]

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56 College Info Websites

  Here’s a current comprehensive list of my picks for college info websites. Do you have any additional suggestions? COLLEGE BLOGS 1.–You will find the MOST information here on our blog: college guidance, college planning, college coaching, and college news. Come here first to find the latest and best tools to help you navigate the […]


5 Tips for taking campus tours

  Campus visits are an important part of the college selection process for any student. Higher education is a significant investment of both time and money, and you and your teen should both be proactive about finding the perfect school. When you visit colleges for campus tours, don’t simply follow along silently. Remember these important […]


5 College safety tips for women

  College can be an adventurous, validating and exiting time in a young woman’s life. Unfortunately, there are predators out there that put many of these young women’s innocence and lives in danger. According to statistics, college women are most in danger of being sexually assaulted or raped – up to 20% more likely. The […]


How your college student can live rent free

  If there’s something that nearly everyone can agree on, it’s the fact that the cost of a college education is pretty expensive. Just the price of tuition alone can easily run you into the thousands and then when you add on fees like room and board or the cost of rent, it’s no wonder […]


Should your college student live on or off campus?

The time has finally come for your son or daughter to enter into the next phase of their educational careers. In just a few short months, they will be enrolled into college as they prepare to earn their degree so that they can be successful in the career of their choosing. Although all of this […]


Helping your college student furnish their dorm room

Offers of admission are arriving and your college-bound teen is most likely already looking toward the future. Planning for dorm life now will prevent panic at the end of the summer. College is such a fascinating time. If a student makes the decision to live on campus, for approximately four years of their life, they […]


College admissions today created this GREAT infographic about college admissions using data collected from recent research findings from the National Association of College Admissions Counseling, College Board, and the US Department of Education.