How One Student Hacked the College System

A short time ago I was contacted by a college student who has written an ebook about hacking the college system. How did he do it? He took advantage of AP and CLEP testing. He did an entire year’s worth of college in just a few months! Sound crazy? It’s not. It’s a path to getting a college degree without going into thousands of dollars of student debt. His ebook is an easy to read, step by step method on how he did it.

If you’re struggling to find a way to pay for college and your student is motivated, check out this method. Imagine saving thousands of dollars by just taking some tests and never having to attend a class or set foot on a campus. Would you pay $700 or thousands more for a semester of college. I know which I would choose!

Here’s his story:

My name is Grayson. I’m a college student and author. As both college tuition and student debt continue to rise, I had to get creative to get my degree without going into debt. This is my story of saving TENS of THOUSANDS on my degree. No scholarships, no loans, no click-bait.

Student debt is now over 1.4 Trillion in the U.S. The average time spent paying back these loans is 21 years. That’s just for a bachelor’s degree! Imagine what you could do with zero debt. Take more family vacations? Start a business? I believe there is always a different way to go about things, including paying for college. This belief is what challenged me as I approached going to college: Should I follow the crowd into a life of debt or challenge the academic status quo?

I chose the challenge. By teaching myself how to test out of classes, I was able to save absurd amounts of time and money in comparison to a typical college student. Without the restraint of classes, I had opportunities to travel and work while earning real college credits. I studied history while in Tokyo, computer technologies while working in Montana, and art in Las Vegas.

Now I want to share with you how to do the same thing. I want you to crush college debt by fighting the status quo and have opportunities you didn’t think possible while in school. To learn exactly how I was able to do all this while getting college credits, check out my website, for my videos and blogs. You can find the official book there as well!

Now that you have read his story, watch this video;

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