Why We Need Private High Schools


private schoolsThere was a time when the United States was at the head of the class when it came to the quality of education in this country. As of January 2015, the United States ranked in 14th place out of 40 countries scored, and that is not saying much for the state of education in this country as it now stands. This was one of the major issues during our current president’s campaign and something he has vowed to ‘fix’ during his administration. Can anyone blame him?

Why the United States Scored So Low on the Scale

The debate continues on what we have come to know as “The Core Curriculum” and how this is holding our youth back from attaining the education they deserve. However, this is specific to public schools, for the most part, because private schools have much more leeway in how they teach, if not what they teach, per state requirements.


What Private Schools Can Offer that Public Schools Can’t

Private schools can offer a more open approach to education because they are not bound by the exact same laws as public schools are. While many may receive funding from government sources, private schools are not accountable to a county school board as are public schools. So, while all students must meet minimum requirements, private schools have the freedom to reach far beyond those minimums. They may even be able to do away with the Core altogether as long as their students can master the concepts contained in the Core.

A Misguided Mindset

With a national mindset of “No Child Left Behind” and minimum requirements in the curriculum, is it any wonder why our educational system is falling through the basement? Instead of setting minimum goals for students to attain, why not set those goals higher? Why not set up classrooms where every child has the opportunity to grow at his or her own pace? That’s something to consider and why a greater number of private schools are keeping their classroom sizes small enough to accomplish this.

With more one-on-one time with students, teachers can help them work at their own level of competency, and that is the way forward. Keeping a broken Core Curriculum is holding our future leaders back and why so many parents are thankful to have the wherewithal to send their kids to private schools. Wouldn’t it be nice if every child had that opportunity?

Raising up a New Generation of Educators and Administrators

The guiding light, the ray of hope, in all this is that there are forward thinking universities that are raising up a new generation of educators and administrators. Check out to see how we can change our future and why private schools may be one of the best ways to meet the challenges ahead. Sometimes it’s not about what we are required to teach our students but how we teach them that makes a difference. Whether or not the Core can be done away with isn’t quite as important as training teachers to bring out the best in their classrooms.

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