What is a Curriculum Vitae and How Can It Help Your Student?


curriculum vitae

Parents that are helping their high school kids get into college have a lot of questions. Right now you probably have one big question. What is a curriculum vitae?

A curriculum vitae (CV) is a document that lists a person’s education, accomplishments, qualifications, and past experience. While it sounds like a resume, there are a few key distinctions. A CV goes into much more detail regarding who the person is and what they envision for their education or career path. It’s more of an essay than a list of bullet points. As you can imagine, CVs are used by job seekers, but they’re also highly beneficial for students that have their sights set on going to college.

The Hloom CV guide is an invaluable tool for students. The experts there have broken down how to craft a CV so that it’s compelling and will actually get read. The company has also created professional CV templates and examples that can make the process a lot easier.

Here are four ways you can take what you learn in the CV guide and use it to help your child in college:

Undergraduate and Graduate School College Applications

The first step to getting into college is applying. Educational institutions looking at the application as a chance to learn who the student is, what adversity they’ve overcome in life, how active they are in their community and what they’ve accomplished in school. A curriculum vitae is the perfect format for creating an effective college application, and it may actually be required by some schools.

The CV gives students the opportunity to tell their story in an organized way. They’ll have more freedom to express who they are compared to using a resume alone. Writing a CV is no easy task, but the good news is it can be updated and used again if your child decides to apply to graduate school.

Applications for Scholarships

Securing scholarships that pay for college can be a long process. Even if your child gets one or two scholarships it’s rarely enough to pay all of the costs. You have to make the most of every scholarship opportunity, especially if you only have one chance to apply.

Many scholarships are awarded to a select number of students. In addition to meeting certain requirements, students usually have to submit a write up expressing why they believe they are deserving of the scholarship. Using a CV will provide structure for the write-up and present the information in a very professional way. While you’re working on the CV just remember that a few hours of your time could mean thousands less in college expenses.

Applications for Internships

Many students that have completed a year or two of higher education begin considering their internship options. Internships offer students an amazing opportunity to gain real world experience, earn college credits and maybe even make a little money. The only problem is dozens or even hundreds of students could be competing for a single intern position.

Businesses and organizations award internships to the students they feel are most qualified, responsible and motivated to excel. A CV can help create a good impression right from the start. During an internship, students will be working alongside professionals and are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. The curriculum vitae will send the message that your child is ready to work within a professional environment.

Applying for a Teaching Assistant Position

Another opportunity college students can capitalize on is landing an undergraduate teaching assistant (TA) position. TAs are selected by a professor to assist them with a course during a semester. The position requires that the student knows the subject extremely well and possess the ability to help present course material and counsel students when needed.

But TA positions are limited and the competition is usually stiff. A well-written CV can help your kid stand out among the other applicants and make a strong case for why they are qualified for the position.

If your child plans to work in the education field, getting a TA position can really open the doors to more job opportunities after school. However, because a TA position shows that a student has a firm grasp of the subject matter it’s great to have on a resume no matter what field your child chooses.

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