Is Distance Learning Right for You?


distance learning

When it comes to studying, the most typical method we take is to go to a college, university or similar school and just learn. We speak to our lecturer, teacher, or advisors and we learn from them. We buy books, study them, write up documents and complete tests to prove that we’ve learned something. That’s the standard way and for many years that has been the norm. However, we’re seeing a shift in learning practices thanks to technology and we’re now able to not only learn online but even study for a degree.

There’s no questioning the effectiveness, reduced costs and the convenience of studying from a distance. You get an equal level of education studying from home, you don’t pay as much because of no travel costs and resources are readily available online, and you don’t have to rent a student accommodation or move closer to your campus. The best part about it (arguably) is that you can study in your own time. There’s no attending lectures or classes, and you can study whenever you have the time meaning it’s great if you also work from home or have a job.

There is a lot to study

In addition to studying for an online bachelor’s degree, you could resort to less formal methods such as consulting online guides, tutorials and free lectures that are recorded by major educational institutes such as MIT. No matter what you want to study, there’s bound to be an online course or lessons you can study that suit your needs. However, if you want to have a qualification at the end of it, then you’re going to need to go through formal channels to ensure that you get a degree or qualification at the end of it. But if you’re learning for the sake of picking up new skills and hobbies, then you can do that without much money involved and by using free resources.

There are some downsides

Depending on your personality, learning in solitude might not be your thing. You won’t get to experience university life. You won’t be attending a campus, you won’t be meeting friends and you probably won’t be getting out much if you have to study from home. This means there’s very little communication and the only person you’ll really speak to is your lesson planner or teacher. Some online study services have communities where you can chat with fellow students, but it’s not the same as meeting them in person and sharing study notes or going for a coffee. However, this might be seen as an upside for people who are introverted learners.

You have to be self-motivated

Since you won’t have friends to help you out or face-to-face contact with your teachers, you probably won’t be getting much motivation or support. This means you’ll have to be self-sufficient in most cases and you’ll have to formulate your own plan when it comes to organising your lessons, when you have to study and how to study for tests or examinations. If you aren’t good at organising and motivating yourself, then online study might take awhile to get accustomed to.

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