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When my first child went to college, I almost died when I got the bill for her textbooks. Some of them cost close to $200, and the total cost for all her textbooks the first year was close to $1,500. I was not prepared for this added expense. At the time, students were forced to buy books from the bookstore without many other options available. Even used textbooks were pricey and some professors used new books that weren’t available used, but the times have certainly changed.

Students can now purchase new and used textbooks at huge discounts or rent them with flexible rental periods. Once they are done with the course, they can sell the books for cash and recoup some of the cost. With the help of Barnes & Noble’s textbook program, it’s a win-win for parents and students.

Below is a screenshot of an art history textbook. As you can see, when you click on the book’s title, you’re given three options: new, used, or rent. In addition, you have the option of purchasing the book in the marketplace from users who are also selling it.


New Textbooks

It’s a shock when your student’s professor decides to use a new textbook and you see the cost. New textbooks can be pricey, but Barnes & Noble has a large selection of new textbooks available. They offer low prices, so you can get the most for your money. Their textbooks are listed up to 30% off sticker price, plus they offer free shipping on all new textbook orders over $25. Check out their huge selection of new textbooks here.

Used Textbooks

Used textbooks are your best bargain when available, and Barnes & Noble sells only the highest quality used books. It’s just like purchasing a used car: you aren’t paying the high sticker prices, but you’re getting a high-quality book at a great price–some up to 90% off. You can search for used textbooks here.

Rented Textbooks

Why buy when you can rent? It makes sense, especially since the book will only be used for one semester. My daughter chose to save only the books that applied to her major and renting would have been an excellent option for those required courses that didn’t interest her. At Barnes & Noble, there are thousands of textbooks available to rent with flexible periods up to 130 days. Your student can extend the rental period or opt to purchase the book at any time. Once they are finished with their course, they can ship it back for free! Check out their selection of rentals here.

Selling Your Textbooks

Even if you must purchase a new textbook, you can sell it back if it’s in good condition to Barnes & Noble and recoup some of the cost. They provide prepaid shipping labels. For details on which books they will accept and what type of condition they need to be in, click here.

When it comes to paying for college, most parents plan for tuition, room and board. It’s added expenses like books that can put a strain on your budget. By using these available options, you should be able to cut textbook costs and use some of that money for more important things like a plane ticket for Parents’ Weekend!

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