What Can Your Student Do With an Accounting Degree?


accounting degree

As a parent, it is natural to want the best for your child now and into adulthood.  You might be wondering which career path might suit him or her based on their strengths in school and life right now.  Some parents can tell from an early age whether or not their child would be successful in science, arts, or humanities.  There are others, still, who excel in mathematics and have not yet found a career choice.  If your child is older, you may find that he or she already has developed some skills in managing money.  

Perhaps he helps with the family budget or she already detailed out her moving expenses for the move to college.  This student can find success in a number of careers with this talent, and one of the most rewarding comes in the form of accounting. A degree in accounting ensures that your child is on the path to becoming financially successful in life. Despite having a seemingly narrow career path, there are actually a wide variety of jobs that this degree can apply to.  Here are just a few paths your child can take with an accounting degree:


This is the most obvious choice, but certainly not to be overlooked.  An accountant is someone who prepares and analyzes financial records.  If your child has exceptional organizational skills, then he or she will be excellent at maintaining account books and keeping them up to date.  As an accountant, he or she can look forward to a high chance of job stability because accountants are always in demand.  In fact, he or she can look forward to gaining entry at every level of education from associate’s, master’s, and beyond!  Regardless, your child will have to gain a certificate called a CPA.  To earn his CPA, he will likely have to dedicate hundreds of hours to study, as it is a very difficult exam to pass.  However, with the help of CPA study materials, this is still achievable and well worth the effort. Achieving this distinction could see your child earning six figures very early on in their accounting career, so it’s definitely something to encourage.


Controllers are in charge of the accounting department in various organizations. They work above accountants and must manage where the money is going and making doubly sure that the department and company is accurately complying with tax laws.  A controller is also called a Chief Accounting Officer.  If your child is naturally ambitious, a natural responsible leader, he or she could ultimately become a controller.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is someone who makes recommendations to their employer based on macroeconomic and microeconomic research.  These people are natural visionaries who have the forethought to find patterns in data and develop a strategy that they can advise to their employer.  If your son or daughter is particularly good at analyzing, strategizing, and asserting this prediction with confidence, this may be the perfect career for them.  As you can see, a financial analyst strategizing more based on the big picture—such as national or global economic systems—while accounting may be more specific. Financial analysts can often find work in securities firms or investment banks like W Partners.

Tax Attorney

If your child has expressed an interest in law or has a capacity for debate, he or she can use their accounting degree to become a tax attorney.  In order to pursue this course, she will likely go on to law school and become a specialist in tax policies and liability as it relates to all matters of property and transactions.  As opposed to the above careers, a tax attorney will often work in a law firm.  A common specialty is in IRS issues.  He or she may likely represent a client during an audit and organize settlements.  A tax attorney often works with a public accountant, so it is possible that—if your child becomes an accountant—that he or she may choose to work at a law firm as well.

Regardless of which path your child chooses, your son of daughter will have to prove to be disciplined and dedicated to go this route.  Even those with a natural aptitude for this form of thought will have to work hard.  However, if she is will to go through the trials and study for years, she can become successful in using her accounting degree.

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