The Scary Truth About Student Loan Borrowers

student loan borrowers

Earlier this month, LendEDU, a marketplace for student loans and student loan refinancing, decided to survey college student loan borrowers at a nearby college to see how much they knew about their student loan debt. Over the course of a couple days of surveying they confirmed their suspicions. Most of our nation’s current college students don’t understand their student loans or the financial aid process. With permission, they filmed some of the respondents while they asked them a series of questions related to their student loan debt.

At the end of our survey LendEDU decided to package together some of their favorite survey responses into one short video.

Will your child be one of these student loan borrowers?

As a parent, not only will you find this video eye opening and entertaining, but just a bit scary. Educate your student about student loan debt before he signs those financial aid award documents.

For more information on student loans, click here.

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