3 New Years Resolutions You Should Keep


new years resolutions


I’m not, nor ever have been, a fan of New Years resolutions. I like the line from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, “I like the sound of deadlines as they go whooshing by.” That’s how I feel about resolutions. Not all resolutions are bad, however. Some (the ones that are logical and attainable) can and should be kept.

Here are three resolutions you should keep if you have a college-bound teen. They are simple goals and will help make the entire college prep process less stressful and overwhelming.

Stay organized

Resolve at the beginning of the new year to stay organized. The college prep process requires organization: test registration deadlines to meet, recommendation letters to pursue, college applications to complete, financial aid to apply for, scholarships to submit applications and the mounds of college information your student will receive during the process. Whew, that was a LONG list!

Without committing to stay organized, the process becomes stressful and overwhelming. Use separate email accounts, calendar programs, file folders, usb drives, and don’t forget to create a college landing zone for everything your student receives at school that is college related.

Work as a Team

It’s impossible to expect a teenager to handle this monumental task alone. I’m not suggesting you write the essay, fill out the applications, apply for the scholarships, or make the college choices. But I am encouraging you to help with the organization, remind about the deadlines, proofread the essays, help find the scholarships, and give advice when asked.

You should also make it perfectly clear that this is their decision, but they don’t have to make it alone. If you work as a team, not only will your teenager be less stressed, but you will feel like you’re part of the process and less likely to take over.

Focus on the big picture

In the end, it won’t matter much which college your student attends. Focus on the big picture. It won’t matter what their SAT scores were or if the college has a prestigious name. Concentrate on finding the perfect fit college (the one that socially, academically, and financially fits). Then your student will have the best four years of their lives, along with an education and tons of lifelong memories and friendships.

All the best to every parent who is navigating the college maze. May 2016 be a year of success, fulfillment and absolute joy for you and your college-bound teen.

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