Wednesday’s Parent: The #1 Question to Ask Before Applying to College


#1 questionThe new school year is beginning and high school seniors will be making that difficult choice: choosing a college. It’s certainly a process of eliminating the unaffordable ones, the ones that are either too far away or too close to home, and the ones that simply don’t interest your student. But before applying to college, there is a #1 question you should ask your student.

What is the first question you ask your student before he applies to college? Here are a few standard inquiries:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • What do you want to major in?
  • What size college do you want to attend?
  • How far away from home do you want to go?

and the ever popular, What do you want to be?

But are these the best questions to ask when applying to college? Should your student be thinking beyond the obvious and delve deeper into what they expect to get from their education?

So many students enter college without a goal or purpose. This can end up costing parents money and added years of college attendance. You can’t, of course, expect every 18-year old to know what they want to do after graduation, but you can guide them on the right path.

POCSMom and Long Island College Prep Examiner Wendy David-Gaines sheds some insight into the question you SHOULD be asking your college bound student. Once you read it, you will say DUH! It makes perfect sense!

Answer this, and then apply to college


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One Response to “Wednesday’s Parent: The #1 Question to Ask Before Applying to College”

  1. Only 30% of young adults will ever acquire a bachelors degree and 60% of jobs need higher education. 50% of recent bachelors degree holders get a job that needs that degree. It drops to 33% if degree is liberal arts. This kind of article keeps parents stuck on stupid.

    #1question for parents to ask is: How can my kid get a job in their favorite field that will support them well in their 20s and finance more education and training in their 30s.
    Carol Christen, author What Color Is Your Parachute for Teens