Is Your Student Considering a Career in Nursing?


nursingObamacare is changing the face of healthcare, and with it the nursing profession. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering this field.


An LPN is one of the most widely-recognized types of nursing degrees out there. LPNs are licensed practical nurses and perform a variety of tasks under supervision of an RN. They administer medication to patients, check vitals, and give injections. They can also take blood.


A registered nurse, or “RN,” is what you probably think of when you think of a nurse. It’s an individual with an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing. They often assist physicians in hospitals and have extensive job responsibilities that can include management. But, they are also responsible for hands-on care of patients. Then consider upgrading your RN to a BSN here: RN to BSN San Antonio.

Clinical Specialist

A clinical nurse specialist is an advanced practice nurse. This type of nurse is proficient in diagnosing and treating illnesses within a specialized niche. These types of degrees are available through online colleges in Florida or specialized nursing schools.

A clinical nurse can focus on patients and families, staff management, or administration. They are often placed in leadership roles because of their extensive medical knowledge.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner might work under the supervision of a doctor, but more and more of them are becoming autonomous and taking on the role of a physician. NPs can diagnose and treat diseases, prescribe medicine, and initiate treatment plans for patients. This is basically the nurse equivalent of a medical doctor.

Nurse Case Manager

A nurse case manager coordinates long-term care for elderly or disabled patients who need long-term skilled nursing care.

They often choose to specialize in treating people with diseases like cancer or the elderly.


Getting your PhD in nursing almost always means you’re headed into teaching or some kind of educational role. A PhD in nursing is heavy on theoretical knowledge, but also allows a nurse to gain a deeper understanding of the practical application of the nursing profession.

Travel Registered Nurse

This type of nurse works in temporary jobs across the country or in foreign countries, sometimes for weeks at a time, and even years at a time. Travel nurses may perform many of the same duties as a traditional RN, but often work for an agency that needs to supplement core staff at a facility.

Staff Nurse

A staff nurse works in a variety of different settings, including rehab centers psychiatric wards, ICUs and critical care, and outpatient facilities. They often provide direct care to patients and administer medications, perform IV therapy and assist LPNs and RNs.

Emergency Room/Triage Nurse

This type of nurse treats patients in an ER, and often works with trauma victims, though many types of individuals enter an ER and a triage nurse needs to be quick on his or her feet in order to address emergency and life-threatening situations. The job is stressful, but the pay is commensurate. If you don’t mind working in constant chaos, this job is for you.


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