Degrees That Work: Why Choose Pennsylvania College of Technology?


pennsylvania college of technologyTomorrow night Pennsylvania College of Technology will be the guest on #CampusChat (9PM ET). I’m excited to hear from them about why you should choose Penn College and share their unique philosophy of higher education. After much exposure to the college itself, its course materials, and speaking with its faculty and administration, I have my own reasons for choosing Penn College as a higher education destination for your student. Following are five of them:

Penn College offers hands-on education

The labs at Penn College are like no other on any college campus. These labs simulate the working world and students get hand-on experience developing career skills, problem solving, and a hands-on approach of what it will be like to work in the “real world” after college. Students are able to take what they learn in the classroom and use it immediately in these work environments.

Penn College’s faculty is unique

The faculty at Penn College is unique in the sense that they are all industry professionals, not merely academics. There are no student-taught classes like you might find at larger universities. The faculty is committed to assuring that once students graduate, they have the skills to immediately enter the workforce as a trained employee. With a small student to faculty ratio, students are given the individual attention and training they need to succeed.

Penn College offers a well-rounded college experience

Penn College is not just a technical school—it’s so much more. This is no ordinary college. The college not only offers state-of-the art labs and trained professional teachers, it offers every amenity you will find at a traditional college: Greek life, on-campus student housing with an active residential student population, collegiate sports, student clubs and organizations and much more. Students are not only immersed in the technical aspects of their career, but they receive a strong liberal arts education as well, grounded in math and science.

Penn College is affordable

With tuition at under $30,000 a year, this makes Penn College affordable. The college is committed to helping students finance their education as well and have backed this up with scholarships and merit aid. The alumni of Penn College raised 6.4 million dollars last year for their scholarship fund. This money is earmarked for deserving students, both with need and with no financial need.

Penn College puts students first

Penn College believes that a strong student population means a successful workforce. The college also invests in future students by providing opportunities for young students to help them discover careers that interest them. The faculty builds relationships with the students, starting with the future generation and continuing as those students go on to attend Penn College. All members of the faculty are accessible and can often be found in labs throughout the day, even after scheduled class times, helping students with questions and providing additional training.

If you would like more information about Pennsylvania College of Technology (@PennCollege) or to speak directly to the President of the college, Dr. Gilmour (@GilmourDavie) set a reminder for tomorrow’s chat (Wednesday at 9PM ET on Twitter using the #CampusChat hashtag. Penn College might be one of the best kept secrets in higher education, but it could be the right fit college for your student.

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