Wednesday’s Parent: EA and ED–Just Get It Over With (and other reasons)


ea and edToday’s topic: applying EA (early action) and ED (early decision). It’s the first week of November and those applications will be arriving at the colleges. Granted, it’s a quick process to complete once school begins in the fall, but there are some good reasons to take advantage of these options.

Your application arrives with fewer applicants (you stand out)

It stands to reason that the bulk of the students will be applying regular decision, which falls in early January. If you apply EA or ED, your application will be at the top of the stack.

My colleague and good friend, Paul Hemphill, talks about the choice to apply early, in Applying to college: How early? Which “early”? “Applying early,” claim the authors of The Early Admissions Game, “provides a significant admissions advantage, approximately equivalent to the effect of a jump of 100 points in SAT-1 score.”

You get to cross that task off your list (and relax)

When the holidays arrive, your applications are complete and you can load up on all the sweets and turkey your heart desires. You can relax during the break and know that you are ahead of the game.

You get your acceptances early (and it’s done!)

ED decisions usually arrive in December. EA decisions arrive in January or February. You don’t have to wait until April when all the other offers of admission arrive. If you are applying EA, you have more time to make your final decision.

You can focus all your energy on scholarships (it’s all about the FREE money)

Now that you know you’re accepted, you can focus your time and energy over the next few months on searching for scholarships. You will need to pay for that education. And there’s nothing better than FREE money to pay for that huge price tag.

You can focus on your academics (don’t fall prey to senioritis)

You’re in—but that doesn’t mean you can skate through senior year. Colleges have been known to pull offers of admission. Final transcripts are important so use the extra time you have to bump up that GPA.

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