25 + 25 Twitter Accounts Every Parent Should Follow


25 twitter accountsIn 2012 I compiled a list of 25 Twitter accounts every parent of a college-bound teen should follow. Since then, I have added 25 more to my list. Following are the first 25 and the second 25.

The first 25:

  1. @SuzanneShaffer
  2. @collegevisit
  3. @askjohnabout
  4. @jodiokun
  5. @payingforschool
  6. @zinch
  7. @collegeblogs
  8. @collegeboard
  9. @JaneKulow
  10. @CPofAmerica
  11. @scholarshipscom
  12. @AidScholarship
  13. @collegeweeklive
  14. @NancyBerk
  15. @HappiestKid
  16. @fujifulgueras
  17. @collegemoneyblg
  18. @4collegeparents
  19. @simpletuition
  20. @unigo
  21. @studentadvisor
  22. @preppedpolished
  23. @PeterVanBuskirk
  24. @nytimescollege
  25. @collegeadvice


And now the next 25:

26. @jeannieborin

27. @getcollege

28. @scholarshipsorg

29. @collegexpress

30. @huffpostcollege

31. @EmEdConsulting

32. @collegevisittip

33. @best_collegefit

34. @Quad2Quad

35. @KnowsyMoms

36. @applykit

37. @parentteenguide

38. @socialassurity

39. @CZLaw

40. @directhitsfan

41. @collparcentral

42. @prepforcollege

43. @MESFoundation

44. @College_Experts

45. @CelestHorton

46. @admitted_ly

47. @MindyPopp

48. @Admissions411

49. @vCollegeAdvisor

50. @TeenLifeMedia

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22 Responses to “25 + 25 Twitter Accounts Every Parent Should Follow”

  1. What an amazing resource for parents! Thanks for including me, Suzanne!

  2. Great list except you are missing @ScholarshipGuru

  3. Honored to be included in this valuable list for college-bound students and their parents.

  4. Dani Rogers says:

    Thanks so much for including @knowsymoms!

  5. Donna Holley says:

    Love for you to add school counselors to your list! I attached my list for any parents who would like to check it out! There are many of us on Twitter now. These are a few of my favorites: @jacketcounselors @bmhscounselors @rosEcounselor @PHSCouns! Thank you for all you do to help parents and students navigate the transition from High School to College!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Donna.You can bet they will be on my next list. Or better yet, maybe I’ll make a Twitter list of school counselors!

  6. Love being on the list, Suzanne. Thanks!

  7. […] Suzanne’s website is Parents Countdown to College Coach. She’s a mom who has successfully navigated the college maze for her own two children and now helps other parents do the same.  Suzanne has a list of 50 more twitter accounts every parent should follow. […]

  8. I am honored to be included! Thank you!

  9. NACAC says:

    Don’t forget us: @nacac 🙂

  10. Lisa says:

    Great list. I’d love to be included next time: @english_musings.

  11. Susan Dabbar says:

    Fantastic list Suzanne. Loved it in 2012 and loving the additions. I’d love to be included next time.
    @admissionsmarts Thanks for all your work!

  12. Thanks for putting this together. I would like to toss my name into the running too – have been tweeting for many years.

  13. If you are interested in adding us, we have been organizing college visits for 20+ years @CVTOURS

  14. Lori McGlone says:

    Every college bound student or parent of a teenager should add these to their Twitter feed–there’s a lot of great advice coming out of this group!