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power shiftMost parents feel that the college process is frustrating, because when it comes right down to it, they feel powerless. Either their student will be ecstatic at the end, or feel utter disappointment and rejection. It’s all in the colleges’ hands—or is it?

Steer clear of the fear

There’s nothing to be afraid of. Especially since you know that even the worst outcomes can be transformed into the best decisions. It’s not about whether or not college A or college B offers admission to your student. It’s about the education they will receive at “a” college. Teenagers can’t see the forest for the trees sometimes and they will pick up on your angst immediately. Make the process fun—like choosing a new car or buying a new house. It’s all about the journey.

Control is fleeting

If the colleges are in control, it’s only for a short time. The only time in which they have the power is at decision time. They look over your student’s application with a discerning eye and decide where to place your student: deferred, accepted, rejected or waitlisted. The process is completely subjective and while you make think there are bona fide reasons for your son or daughter to be accepted, it’s up to the college to decide whether he or she is a good fit. Translated—that means there are no “true” rejections, only a decision that it wasn’t the best match.

Get back into the driver’s seat

After the short time of waiting for the colleges’ decisions, you get to get back in the driver’s seat. You now have the power over the colleges. You are the consumer making a large purchase and it’s up to them to convince you. If they don’t back their offer of admission up with money, it might be time for you to put “them” in the rejection pile. And trust me, it feels GREAT!

Here’s the simple truth about the college process—you are ALWAYS in control. If you market your student properly, do your homework with the college choices, and realize that no matter what happens the final outcome will be what’s best for your student, it can help make the process enjoyable. Yes, I said enjoyable.

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Jeannie Borin is recognized by media, clientele and colleagues globally as a leader in college admissions consulting and new media. She is a Fr/ NYC and a Juilliard School of Music alumna, holds a Masters Degree in psychology, education and counseling, and is President of College Connections . She is a member of several prestigious educational organizations including the IECA, HECA, WACAC and NACAC.

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