Should your college student live on or off campus?

imagesThe time has finally come for your son or daughter to enter into the next phase of their educational careers. In just a few short months, they will be enrolled into college as they prepare to earn their degree so that they can be successful in the career of their choosing.

Although all of this time they have been living with you, and as we all know, one of the major transitions that come with going to college is that students are able to live on campus (or even in an apartment). If you’ve been trying to figure out if that is an option that is most suitable for your son or daughter, we have a few things for you to consider before making a final decision whether to live on or off campus.

The Pros of Living on Campus

One of the main benefits of living on campus is that it’s convenient for your child to get to their classes. There’s no traffic or weather conditions that could make it challenging for them to either get to class, or to get to class on time. Another bonus is that great memories are made from living among other students who are also learning in a college environment. There are college roommates (and suite mates) who end up being friends for a lifetime. Still, another benefit is that it gives college students a sense of independence. While they may have relied on you to wake them up to class or to help them budget their own money, living on campus helps them to learn how to make many decisions on their own on a daily basis.

The Pros of Living Off Campus

If they live with you, an immediate benefit is that it saves you money on either room and board or assisting with their rent and other living expenses. Plus, you have the peace of mind of them coming home every day. If they live in an apartment, this even further prepares them for “the real world”, plus it provides them with the privacy that they may need in order to study. One thing to consider with this particular option, however, is if they do live in an apartment or even if they are looking into house rentals in order to rent with a few friends, they are going to need some reliable transportation in order to get back and forth to school.

So when it comes to making the ultimate decision on what is best for your college student, there are three main questions that you should ask yourself: “Would my child thrive more living on campus or off?”, “Is my child emotionally mature enough to live outside of the home?” and “What makes the most financial sense?” Once you have taken these various pros into consideration and then answered those questions, undoubtedly, you will come to the resolve that is best for your son or daughter (and for you).

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