Snag a fishing scholarship

I can hear my readers smirking as they read this. Fishing scholarship? Are you kidding me? Believe it or not, it’s no joke. There are some hefty scholarships out there waiting to be reeled in. Let’s look at bass fishing, for example:

  • A google search of “bass fishing scholarships” reels in 45,000 matches.
  • There are 220 colleges with bass fishing scholarships

Take Bethel College in McKenzie, Tennessee, for instance. Their bass team was featured in The New York Times just  two weeks ago. Bethel made Lauren Stamps the first woman bass angler ever to be awarded a college scholarship for bass fishing. Tyler Wadzinski, a senior at Franklin (Tenn.) High School, was awarded a $4,000 ride to fish for the Bethel Wildcats. Wondering about Bethel College’s academic reputation?  It was founded in 1842; has 2,700 students; offers 28 undergraduate programs and five Masters. Their athletic program includes 16 men’s and 13 women’s sports (NAIA). In addition to their home campus in McKenzie, they have five satellite campuses in Tennessee.

Not convinced? Look at just some of the top colleges with bass clubs — Duke, Cornell, Northwestern and Texas A&M. If you’re looking for a complete list, go online to Odds are you might be surprised by some of the colleges listed that have bass fishing teams and scholarships.

Remember, sports are not just “stick and ball” anymore. If student-athletes can win scholarships for skiing, shooting and tumbling, why not bass fishing? It may not be for everyone, but if your child is  interested, put them on a scholarship track now by suggesting that they investigate this new financial boon.

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  1. brandon says:

    thanks for the help but i would like to know what i need to do to get one

  2. Michael Moore says:

    i would like to apply for a scholarship. How would I go about doing that.